When last we saw middle-aged hitman Mike (Jonathan Banks), Jesse Pinkman had to abandon him in a Mexican care facility while he recuperated from gunshot wounds sustained in Gus Fring’s violent coup d’etat of the Mexican Cartel. Now that Walter White has killed the king by blowing away Gus, who will Mike hail to? Not only that, but Walt and Jesse seem to have occasion to return to the junkyard that previously held their iconic RV, before it was crushed to bits! At least Mike seems to have calmed down by the time they all get there. Might they be looking for a new ride to re-start their operation once again? Not since Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) has one character's complete fall from grace been felt in a such a compelling way. And while Al Pacino's transformation in The Godfather took close to three hours, actor Bryan Cranston has had four seasons to explore the intricate nuances of a one-time high school chemistry teacher turning into a vicious, amoral drug kingpin.

Season 5 of AMC's Breaking Bad begins tonight, with Walter White (Cranston) moving further and further beyond redemption. This is Breaking Bad's final season and we can only "speculate" that the complexity of this cautionary tale will end quite badly for the one-time solemn and timid family man— now the meth czar of the American Southwest. Season 4 ended with Walter eliminating his chief rival, Gus Fring, via a brutal, explosion— one that literally blew off half of his enemies' face. It's a far cry from teaching kids the periodic table of elements in chemistry class. But desperation, sent Walt onto his dark and dangerous path. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in Season 1, Walter began cooking and selling meth to avoid financial ruin and to take care of his family. With 16 episodes remaining in the series, the only question is how much more will Walter's morals break apart. How bad can he get? "He's enjoying the power; he likes feeling like a player," Anna Gunn, the actress who plays Walter's wife and half-willing accomplice, told AP recently. And that's the hard truth of the matter. Initially, Walter turned to crime out of sheer necessity. Now he enjoys it. the rush of pure power that comes with a potentially horrifying price.

PAWS bash out infectious, lo-fi, garage pop-rock that can quickly shift from cute melancholia to an unnerving territorial roar. On top of the pulsating fuzzy noise the three-piece produce, sit dreamy melodies that bare the bones of their author. Lyrical topics slide between sarcastic self-analysis and, onto more so than often, brutal home truths. Phil, the band's resident lyricist sums the album's themes;  "All of the lyrics are pretty much a documentation of the past 2 years. A lot of crazy things have happened in our lives - some good, some horrific. I'd like to say that there is a strong feeling of positivity and hope running throughout this record, light piercing through some distinctly dark times. We're playing in this band to keep going and stay alive."

PAWS rose out of the demise of a living room recording project, that after losing a member, was renamed and redirected into a raw nerve of DIY punk/garage that's vibrant yet familiar and built on the traditions of English pop from Buzzcocks to Yuck. The band has spent its tenure opening for the likes of No Age, Wavves, Happy Birthday, The Babies, Harlem, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and Black Lips and that DIY spirit pops up in the fact that they've done so in spaces as diverse as bathrooms, skate parks and a particularly difficult show on the top of a double-decker bus.

True to its name, Cokefloat! is, as the band puts it, "like a sugar high...with the sugar comedown." Recorded with Rory Attwell (of Test Icicles) at Lightship95, a floating recording studio located on a boat moored at Trinity Buoy Warf in East London, the album has managed to capture the punch of the band's live shows. Listeners can practically hear the energy vibrate out of the speakers and feel the band's smiles radiate through the ruckus with their stories about love, insecurities, self-alienation and paranoia. Wrapped in artwork designed by comic artist and friend of the band Jessica Penfold, the album is the perfect audio allegory for its namesake. Slurp it up. Feel the buzz.


When it Happens to You is a smart, fresh, on-the-mark "novel in stories". In eight interrelated tales, Ringwald offers a savvy look into personal relationships in today’s society. While the stories feature contemporary themes, they come across as both modern and timeless. The main characters, Greta, Phillip, and Charlotte, are your typical American family, experiencing the same trials and triumphs that happen to families across the globe everyday. Yet experiencing these through the lens of heartbreaking and redemptive stories makes us understand their daily struggles and temptations. Much like in the Paul Haggis movie Crash, the tales and the characters are interrelated, which I totally loved and think is a major reason why this novel works. The stories could stand alone as sharp and tender life lessons, but when presented as a collective whole, the book truly stands out.

The novel comes full circle as it starts out with Greta, Phillip, and Charlotte embarking on an evening drive to watch the Harvest Moon. The conclusion of this first story serves as an appropriate allegory for the surrounding tales as each brings to light a new character to be examined, pondered, and savored. In the context of Ringwald’s quiet yet powerful language you find yourself fitting the pieces together like a puzzle, discovering how this person connects to either Greta or Phillip or Charlotte. While the basic premises are very elemental and something we can all relate to as we endure the human condition together, the linguistic usage by Ringwald is at once both charming and tragic. Embedded throughout are little nuggets of hope and surprise, and while each character’s soul is exposed with a harsh lens, there are no judgments passed. It is up to the reader to decide how they want to feel about that person. Sometimes you will feel anger. Sometimes you will feel sadness or pity. But you will not be apathetic to anyone by any means.

This book would be perfect for reading groups because the messages it brings are universal and can be related to by anyone. It is a great conversation starter because it draws on contemporary hot-button issues such as infertility, infidelity, and transgenderism. There is no debate that this book is definitely a winner. Pick up a copy of this wonderful novel once it hits the shelves and experience for yourself the literary talents of Molly Ringwald!

I had the unique opportunity to interview/chat with one of my mentors/inspirations on my Internet radio show, The UPBEAT Entertainment News Syndicate Radio... Mom, Actress, Producer, Author, Comedienne and Genuine Person... Deidre Hall. I met Deidre when I was an artist/illustrator... she was so incredibly supportive that I have to confess, it gave me the profound belief and support to reach higher and never ever stop. I loved her book and the energy it exudes... How Does She Do It [originally titled Does This Mascara Make My Ass Look Big]... is insightful, funny, witty and helpful. Unlike other books of this nature, How Does She Do It allows you to feel connected to so many woman who have also searched for a sense of confidence and motivation on a number of levels, both internally and externally. 

So, how do those gorgeous women you see on television keep it all glued together, year after year? How in the world do they still look eerily like they did when you watched the show in the eighties with your Grandma? Deidre Hall, best known to many as the ever-patient, impossibly good Dr. Marlena Evans for more than thirty years on NBC's Days of Our Lives, is obviously having fun with this. Along with co-author and longtime pal Lynne Bowman, Hall is sharing beauty secrets, personal stories and professional tips gleaned from decades in front of an unforgiving camera lens. They start with "What Beauty Is and Why It Matters," moving right on through how to get the sleep you need, how to stand, how to move, apply makeup, dress, style hair, groom hands and feet. There are so many candid and comprehensive discussions of permanent makeup, hair removal, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry, weight loss, and even great notes on fragrance. Expect to find some truly pro-level techniques that you didn't already know, along with a different twist on things you thought you already knew... all wrapped up in a surprisingly charming package from one of television's most beloved television legends.

Deidre Hall and Lynne Bowman open up in this truly impressive book with an endearing look at their own Moms, [both clearly beautiful women in their own right], and the message conveyed is abundantly clear: Beauty is absolutely timeless, priceless and subjective; it's the creative tools that have changed. To that end, Hall and Bowman go into detail about many of the beauty methods available in all areas today. They present the levels of the beauty preparedness one must have as something akin to the US Terror Alert Scale. If you find yourself laughing in agreement and recognition, prepare to do so throughout the entire book. Their sense of humor and self-deprecating attitude is made manifest as they detail many areas of beauty tools and treatments, such as: Sleep, posture, makeup, lighting, shopping, skin care, permanent makeup, hair care, plastic surgery, exercise, weight loss, dental work, and fragrance. 

Each of these specific dynamics is given a healthy treatment; no stone or eyeshadow palette is left unturned as Hall and Bowman spice up the book with pictures and anecdotes from their own careers and quest for the ultimate beauty tips, tricks and tools in each field of beauty they cover. As in their first book, the overall tone is not at all pharisaical; my favorite line, for example, is, "The girl who put down the books and slept will also look way better at the exam, by the way." Hall and Bowman make it so precisely clear that they are both sharing all of their long-earned knowledge in each of the areas. It's clear they are just as enthusiastic to learn and experiment as much as we, the readers, are. Deidre Hall and Lynne Bowman are scintillating and the friendship these women share with each other and with everyone else is one that feeds and nurtures our souls as well as our psyches.

An innovative brand/style that is so much more than beauty book... it is indeed a journey taken by two close friends, told with warmth, affection, compassion, humor and deeply personal observations... and when the topics get a tad bit serious, insights from professionals are infused into the lessons. The advice is candid and to the point but delivered as though you are sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and exchanging crucial information learned from the ladies. Everything from hair, make-up and exercise to simple tips on eating right and how to be the best "you" that you can possibly be. Trust me, if you read it, you will absolutely adore it! Bowman and Hall's suggestions aren't just fun to read; they REALLY DO work.

by Bridget Petrella

It has been eight long years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act. But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drive Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. But even if he dons the cape and cowl again, Batman may be no match for Bane.

Early in The Dark Knight Rises, director Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy, the ever-loyal Alfred Pennyworth confronts a crippled, withdrawn Bruce Wayne who has been living like a recluse in Wayne Manor since he gave up the Bat cape eight years earlier. “You’re not living,” Alfred says to him emotionally. “You’re just waiting for something bad to happen.” Then something bad— unbelievably bad— does happen in the form of the brutal and sadistic Bane who has come to a peaceful Gotham City to lead his own devious, evil version of the Occupy Movement, a revolution against the city’s wealthy and powerful. Oh, and by the way he’s brought an entire army of vicious killers, mindless terrorists and mercenaries with him. Alfred’s worst fear comes true: the Batman will return to the streets for what, given the power of Bane… this may be his last battle.

Make no mistake about it, The Dark Knight Rises is a spectacular film, especially when one stops to consider the unprecedented performance of Heath Ledger as The Joker [The Dark Knight] looming over the film’s success. But I believe that Nolan is a genius when it comes to telling a story and in The Dark Knight Rises, he DOES NOT disappoint. The visuals are extraordinary. The action sequences are dazzling, especially so since Nolan is “old school” and uses very little CGI— but relies instead on good old-fashioned stunt work. It will be hard to shake some of the images, whether it’s the stunning midair plane hijacking that opens the film, Batman tooling through Gotham on his exceedingly spectacular “toys”… or Bane blowing up a stadium during an NFL game. Kudos to ex-Steeler Hines Ward who makes the scene shockingly frightening as he runs for his very life.

But the real power of this final chapter is just how intelligently it melds references to and commentary on modern concerns while staying true to his comic book/graphic novel roots and including those touches and subtle nuances that die-hards love… like the addition of Selina Kyle (the Catwoman, although she’s never called that) to the cast of characters. Nolan and his brother Jonathan, a frequent collaborator, have written an audacious take on the Batman myth that draws from elements of Frank Miller’s 1986 graphic novel, Dark Knight, and from the Bane-driven Knightfall series from the mid-1990s without copying them. They touch on several real world fears of terrorism, collapsing economies and… of course… domestic extremism. Underlying the whole script is the greatest terror of all: that, someday, everything in our lives will spin completely out of control. “There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne,” Kyle purrs at one point. “You and your friends better batten down the hatches, ’cause when it hits, you’re gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

To lay out the story line in too much detail dances on the edge of spoiler, given the significant number of twists, turns and surprises Nolan tosses in along the way. He never cheats, including enough clues to what’s coming that nothing really comes completely out of left field. While I must say once again… there is no performance quite as wondrous as the late Heath Ledger’s as the Joker— the cast’s work is sterling from the A-List stars to the even the barely credited actors/actresses. Christian Bale was great as the Batman in the first two films but if it is at all humanly possible [and it obviously is]— he is even better in this film, adding nuance and shading that wasn’t there before. Anne Hathaway provides some badly-needed zest and sarcastic wit (she gets most of the good lines) as Kyle. “Dark Knight” veterans Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), Morgan Freeman (Lucien Fox) and Michael Caine (Alfred) are at the top of their games as one would expect.

Tom Hardy has the most difficult role as Bane since he was asked to speak all of his lines through a mask that makes him sound like Darth Vader without the heavy breathing. Even with this hurdle, he still manages to project a feeling that Bane may not be the completely mindless brute he appears to be. Keep an eye on the luminous Marion Cotillard (Inception, Midnight In Paris) who provides just the right measure of allure, smarts and mystery as wealthy philanthropist Miranda Tate. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a wonderful performance as young police officer John Blake, who plays a massive role in the film. Clocking in at two hours and forty-five minutes— it is an extremely emotionally and intellectually draining film and you may find yourself yearning for an oxygen mask… but even the ride doesn’t keep Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises from being a superb bit of work from a truly visionary filmmaker and a marvelous final installment on a grand retelling of the Batman saga. What a masterpiece Nolan has created… see it on July 20th in iMAX theaters. If you don’t, trust me, the thrill of the experience will be lost on DVD/Blu-ray.

by Bridget Petrella

Los Angeles punk band Angels Heart will give away free digital downloads of their brand new album, Tattoos & Cigarettes, using a unique fan-friendly application. Screaming guitars, classic cars, tattoos, and cigarettes— Los Angeles-based outfit Angels Heart has taken the punk rock tradition and crafted something entirely original. Amplified by founder and frontman Bryan Joseph (Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting) and Jeff Ott (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), the band has commanded attention not only in their home state of California, but across the nation. Their first album, Sixty-Eight Cutlass, has enjoyed huge success among punk followers, and fans now have a chance to download the new full-length record, Tattoos & Cigarettes, for free.

Angels Heart will be giving away free high resolution digital downloads of the new 14-song unreleased record, Tattoos & Cigarettes. Here’s how it works: fans enter the "daily deal" contest via the band’s Facebook page before September 4th, 2012. When entries total 10,000, those who have signed up will get free access to the high-res new release. Additionally, the band is formally releasing Sixty-Eight Cutlass at one song per week until September 4th, building up to the Tattoos & Cigarettes giveaway. Having forged a dedicated following and audience respect from early demos and touring, the newest batch of songs from the band is a highly anticipated collection that will not disappoint current and new fans of the music project. For listeners interested in a preview, the first single from Tattoos & Cigarettes, Under the Black Light, is currently available for preview and immediate download atwww.angelsheart.com

Tattoos & Cigarettes features guest appearances from punk rock icon Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion (Drums) and Gregg Sartiano (Bass, Production). Keeping the do-it-yourself work ethic and soul of punk music alive and well, the entire project is masterminded by pioneer of rock music education, Bryan Joseph. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Joseph was the creator and founder of the first national rock and roll summer camp Power Chord Academy (PCA).

Angels Heart creates and performs energetic, quality music steeped in an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re bringing some excitement back to the often-stale online music distribution method. Like PCA, Angels Heart is not only about creating, it’s about inspiring other people to create and express themselves. Angels Heart is not asking people to "like" their page and listen to one-way communication; they are rewarding people for participating in the growth of the band with the intimate gift of their art and talent. The band does not shun social media and the new face of the music industry— instead, they are forging it into a more fan-friendly platform that reflects their progressive views of harnessing technology and forming relationships with listeners.

Punk music has always been about rebellion. By carving their own niche and creating an original fan-driven format for music distribution, Angels Heart has already made their mark and will continue to lead. Today’s music business is largely uncharted waters. Bands that understand the changing nature of the industry, and proactively innovate rather than complain, are those who will rise to the top.

To learn more about Angels Heart, download free music, and sign up for the "daily deal," visit:

and follow them on Twitter athttp://www.twitter.com/angelsheartrock

by Andy Marken, CEO, Marken Communications

"He owns Pan-Am. He owns Congress. He owns the Civil Aeronautics Board. But he does not own the sky."
—Howard Hughes, "The Aviator," Warner Bros, 2004

One of the biggest frustrations in working at Xerox's PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) or Bell Labs had to be having out-of-focus images of what new ideas, technologies, products were going to be here in 10 to 20 years while working with materials that were introduced five years ago. At the same time, the board of directors and stockholders were constantly hammering on you to instantly deliver the next breakthrough innovation NOW! The stress has been even worse the last few years because budgets were cut across the board and everyone was forced to do more with less. The funny thing is though, the approach/process management had for developing new ideas and turning them into products/services didn't change that much during the financial crisis.

You could be depressed with where we are, where we're going and how we're going to get there. It takes events like the TED (Technology Entertainment, Design) conference to give you a sanity check and renew your optimism. The great thing is you can catch the best of TED online such as Peter Diamandis' Abundance presentation this year.  

Suddenly you realize "Hey! We've made quite a bit of progress and we CAN meet tomorrow's challenges!" It makes you proud to be in the technology industry. It makes you want to go out and innovate… something. Despite giving technology changes a whole lot of lip-service, the challenges still exist— finding the right talent, encouraging risk-taking/collaboration, organizing innovation. [We're not completely certain that it's actually possible]. 

The one thing that has returned is our investment in advancing technology and making true innovation a part of the company's strategic planning activities is correlation. Research and development spending rose 9.3 percent in 2010 and promises continued growth in the years ahead. The financial crunch in 2008 and 2009 had a decided impact on research and development investments and the results that appeared recently. Because new products are the fuel for company growth, many companies cut other areas before research and development, like staffing and marketing. [source— Booz & Company www.booz.com/] We've gotten over that business phase of growing by "buying" into new markets with mergers and acquisitions focusing more and more on producing organic growth with new products/services and new customers in existing markets.  

What we've seen in recent years is that simply throwing money at research and development doesn't produce innovation. In fact, the consistent innovators spent less on research and development and more on developing/managing the process:

The big difference, according to people who study these sorts of things— Booze, McKinsey and others, is that there was a clear set of strategic corporate goals  clearly articulated, focused direction. The first priority on every company's goals list is a solid gold hit. The big difference is true innovators want a clearly superior product in terms of performance and quality. Low on the priority list are cheap goods or the volume of new products [source— Booz & Company www.booz.com/]. You'll notice that few organizations placed having the cheapest product, getting there first or making very sure it was going to be a successful product at the top of their lists.

This sounds simple enough, but the true test is when senior management only gives lip-service to the first four of their "goals" and holds the innovators accountable/responsible for the goals at the bottom of the list. You know, "Yes…but..." 

On Stage Touring, LLC, in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., announced today that it will kick off their 2012/2013 touring season of ELVIS LIVES "THE ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST EVENT"  in Wilmington, DE on October 2nd, 2012. Due to incredible demand from audiences coast to coast, this season’s tour will travel to sixty cities, presenting 100 performances, more than triple the number of last season’s tour. ELVIS LIVES, which keeps on capturing the imaginations and interests of fans of all types including Broadway, concert and Elvis aficionados, is an unforgettable multi-media and live musical journey across Elvis' life featuring finalists from Elvis Presley Enterprises' annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, each representing Elvis during different stages in his career. The Elvis tribute artists will be joined by a live band, back-up singers and dancers, along with an Ann-Margret tribute artist, as well as iconic imagery made available from the Graceland archives; which includes a never-before-seen exhibit of life-size images of Elvis’ stage-wear that will be on display in the lobby of each theater hosting a performance.

"We are very pleased that ELVIS LIVES continues to delight audiences all over the nation and that even more Elvis fans will be given the opportunity to see these talented entertainers in these expanded markets. We hope to see finalists from the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest starring in ELVIS LIVES for years to come," said Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing for Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. "The partnership between On Stage Touring and Elvis Presley Enterprises provides the only authentic touring showcase of Elvis tribute artists for fans who want to experience the music and live performance charisma of one of the most popular recording artists in history," said Brian Brigner, Chief Operating Officer of On Stage. "Our thriving production showcases each performer portraying Elvis in one of four eras: the 1950s, 1960s, his movie career and his concert years, so it is the complete musical package."

The kick-off in Wilmington, DE, on October 2nd, 2012, will be part of an eight show performance week in celebration of the 100th Season Anniversary of the DuPont Theatre. The nationwide tour is scheduled to begin in January 2013 with performances in over 60 markets. On Stage has retained Columbia Artists Theatricals to further develop and expand the markets for the tour. For links to purchase tickets directly from individual theaters, please visit http://www.elvislivestour.com or contact your local authorized box office or official ticketing agency. Elvis Lives fans are also invited to enter the "Elvis Lives" sweepstakes for a chance to win a seven-day cruise for two in an oceanview stateroom on board Norwegian Epic. For more information, visit http://www.elvislivestour.com.

For the first time ever, the Meat Puppets' story will be told in book form, when the authorized band bio, Too High to Die: Meet the Meat Puppets, was released. Journalist/book author/long-time Puppets fan Greg Prato wrote the book with full cooperation from the band. In addition to featuring interviews with band members past and present, many renowned rock names were interviewed for the 407 page book, including Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Peter Buck (REM), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Henry Rollins (Black Flag/Rollins Band), Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi), Scott Asheton (Iggy & the Stooges), Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Doug Martsch (Built to Spill), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Mike Watt (Minutemen/fIREHOSE), Chad Channing (Nirvana), and Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), among many others.

Set up in an "oral history format," the book is comprised entirely of never before published interviews, which were conducted solely for this book. Also included are 15 rarely seen and/or never-before-published photos of the band from several time periods throughout the years. All eras of the band are covered, including the writing/recording of such classic albums as 'Meat Puppets II' and 'Up on the Sun,' the group's appearance on Nirvana's classic 'MTV Unplugged' episode, the story behind their breakthrough hit single "Backwater," and how the Kirkwood brothers reunited in 2006, after being apart for nearly a decade.

As the group's singer/guitarist/songwriter Curt Kirkwood says on the book's back cover, "It's a very strange, wonderful experience to read... I love the way it all flows...a linear time capsule compendium of the band's past... so many perspectives tied together so well. I feel like I've been hanging out in these scenes just yesterday. Folks I know well and folks I've never even met giving me insights and perspectives on the band and myself that I've never considered or been aware of. Eerie and fun to find myself so captivated reading about something that has held me captive for my entire adult life... sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. This is giving me a brief glimpse of the forest... thanks for the bitchin' experience."

Later this summer, look for Meat Puppets to bring their pioneering legacy into the interactive world, as the band helps launch a new interactive music app called JamBandit. Fans will be able to experience Meat Puppets as never before, feeling the rush of genuinely playing in realtime with Cris, Curt, Ted, and Shandon, regardless of musical ability or training. To sign up for a sneak peek, visitwww.jambandit.com. For pre-order info (and for more information about the Meat Puppets), visitwww.themeatpuppets.com.

Shea Vaughn, mother of actor Vince Vaughn, is a 25-year veteran of the fitness industry. As a fitness expert. professional trainer and wellness coach. Vaughn has become a spokeswoman for creating well-being at any age with her book Breakthrough: The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great, and Find Total Well-Being. In Breakthrough, Vaughn offers women her Five Living Principles, along with a self-styled Eastmeets-West lifestyle, wellness and exercise practice developed from her decades of training in many disciplines and influenced by eastern philosophy, tailored to address specific issues facing women over 45. "The Five Living Principles of Well-Being: Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity, and Love, are an inspirational force in helping me create a positive lifestyle with a healthy body and the supportive mental and emotional paradigm to deal with changing and demanding times," says Vaughn. "One encourages the other and together they help you find balance, self-confidence and a personal state of well-being." Vaughn herself is no stranger to this phenomenon: a mother and entrepreneur, she has had similar personal challenges which led her to find a new way of living, including reconnecting her emotional health with her physical health and founding Sheanetics®, a revolutionary blend of ancient and contemporary values and movements that deliver a powerful mind-body experience. Followers of this practice get in shape, feel great and naturally make life-healthy choices.

In a broader sense, eastern thinking also generally embraces tenets or principles as a personal guide to living a good, healthy and rewarding life. SheaNetics® too embraces this same philosophy using our Five Living Principles of Well-Being as a thoughtful approach that encourages you to naturally make healthier choices and meaningful connections with others throughout your day. While many of us seek the health and balance that comes through creating harmony within our mind, body and heart, finding well-being can seem as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest. Really, it's more like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who clicked her heels and realized the answers she had been searching for were there all along— just as SheaNetics® is there for you. Your body and mind are meant to move and to connect with others. SheaNetics® with its Five Living Principles of Well-Being are the catalyst for making those connections and more.